EN-EL12 Rechargeable Battery

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EN-EL12 Rechargeable Battery from Nikon

The EN-EL12 is a rechargeable Li-ion battery providing 3.7v and 1050 mAh of power to select Nikon COOLPIX digital cameras.

The battery is charged using the MH-65 charger.
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EN-EL12 Rechargeable Battery from Nikon

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EN-EL12 Rechargeable Battery from Nikon

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Never a moment's disappointment! I'm surprised by the negative review from Florida. I can only assume that his particular EN-EL-12 was flawed, because I've mercilessly worked my own EN-EL-12 to what should have been its welcomed death; nevertheless, it 'keeps on tickin'. I'm buying a couple of backups for a long, hot, dry and imminent trip; I almost certainly won't need them, but I prefer to be cautious. January 21, 2011
BUY A WALL CHARGER!! I always use a compatible Wall Charger unit, and a USB card reader, two addition products that are necessary, in my opinion, accessories for ANY camera I buy. In this case a EN-EL12 Charger, wall-unit. and a USB micro-SD memory card reader are my two best friends. I can charge batteries without the camera, and even view/transfer pictures easily without the camera turned on. Many people waste their camera's battery lives viewing, printing, and transferring pictures while their camera is attached to the computer -- any loss there is because of the simple lack of a USB memeory card reader for their computer. The drain on your battery is very bad, but is avoidable. Additional cost of accessories outside the relm of what comes in the box with the camera should be taken into account for each total purchase, when deciding, and 20% of the cameras cost is typical for needed accessory cost. December 26, 2011
charger to Nitehike You have options 1. You can buy a charger and a spare battery 2. You can buy a spare battery, charge it in the camera, and then take it out and you have a charged spare battery May 19, 2011
Nothing but good things from this camera and battery Having taken our Coolpiix AW100 through many countries, in and out of the water, covered in sand etc. we have nothing but good reviews. The EN-EL 12 battery has been of no concern for us, holding a charge well. Many high quality video's taken throughout the same day with no concerns. The only downfall we had was taking the camera in and out of the water in a warm climate, we found that condensation would get into the lense and caused some blurry pictures. Seal may be broken from us carrying it around and using it to it's full potential. November 23, 2012
Love the S9100 Camera....why cant i buy spare batteries here online? Just got my new camera. Really easy to pick it up & get great results right out of the box. (i use a D300 for my larger projects). The S9100 is great to have around for those grab shots where you'd like more creative control than a camera-phone would give. But why cant i get extra batteries for it here online? I can buy the charger here online! So....? Seems crazy that i cant get both!! Offer them in the online store please!!! Camera: 5 stars. Online store: 2 stars February 16, 2012
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